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  • Closing the sale on a new home by December 31 means you can deduct some closing fees, mortgage loan interest, property taxes and points on your home loan from your income tax return. These deductions are significant, especially in the early years of your loan when most of your mortgage goes towards paying off loan interest.
    If you can afford it or need additional tax savings for the year, make an extra mortgage payment late in December to count it toward your deductions — just be sure the check is in the mail with enough time to be processed by your lender before the end of the year. In addition, take care of any repairs before the end of the year to be fully deductible against income taxes.
  • Many real estate sellers will also be looking to close the sale of their property by the end of the year so that they, too, can enjoy tax savings on the next home they purchase. The need to close may be a boon to buyers looking for leverage in negotiations, faster responses to offers and flexibility with listing prices. Speak with a trusted real estate agent to design a smart property negotiating and purchasing strategy.
  • Generally speaking, October and November are great months for house hunting as many buyers suspend their search until the time to re-enter the market comes in spring. In December, with most the buying competition put off by the holiday season and/or snow, smart end-of-year buyers can make deals when bidding on desirable properties.
  • The winter season slowdown in real estate also frees-up contractors, including inspectors, electricians, plumbers and roofers who may be needed to pass inspection and make your new home livable. With less work to be done, your repair and renovation project may be completed faster and at lower cost.
    Additionally, it may be easier to secure the services of a moving company around the end of the year. Lower seasonal demand will also be an incentive to score some discounts.
  • Unlike a rent payment, your monthly mortgage payment goes toward something you own. When you own your home, you can update your kitchen, replace carpeting, decorate and build equity according to your choice.
  •  Most of your mortgage payment goes toward paying off loan interest. Once you begin paying off your principal or the value of the property is increased (via market appreciation or remodeling), equity builds up in your home which allows owners to take out loans for college tuition, vacations or additional property investments.

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